“Out of rhetoric and extremism, this is certainly a form of art we can easily place in the sociological realm, that is, in that art deriving its inspiration from social facts and that invites consideration, reflection and thought. We could hence talk of ‘political art’, but this wording may induce us to believe these works of arts are leading towards unequivocal directions. Instead, art should- and Verducci’s certainly does so- trigger problems rather than solve them” Giorgio Bonomi


born in 1978 lives and works in Perugia, Italy. Trained as industrial and interior designer, Gabriele Verducci has lately become a full time ‘iron craftsman’. He has designed stands and events at the Milan Furniture Exhibition and other trade fairs including the now renown International Design Week. He has exhibited a technical model at the Uffizi gallery and has been awarded many grants. Through the use of bare iron he aims at paying tribute to ‘poor art’, moulding his works deriving inspiration from pop art and from contemporary celebrities.

solo show    2019    segno • ex chiesa Santa Maria della misericoerdia (Pg)
group show    2022   per filo e per segno • galleria Scoglio di Quarto (Mi) 2020    Linee d’Umbria • Rocca di Umbertide (Pg)